Pardon My … SMS

I’ve been meaning for ages to link to this article about French SMS language. Fascinating. 

Most secondary-school pupils have their own mobile telephones, and they use an abbreviated phonetic language to communicate. A2M1, for instance, means à demain, or “see you tomorrow”. JTM is je t’aime (I love you). Or try:Ta HT 1 KDO? (T’as acheté un cadeau?, or have you bought a present?).


2 thoughts on “Pardon My … SMS

  1. This is amazing! I studied text message language as a project in 6th form and I never really thought to explore how text language would cause languages other than English to evolve too. Even companies are coming to realise that more and more users interact with brands on their phone which is why there’s a rise in sms for business use too. I guess the only fear is that how would this effect people’s ability to snap out of text message language in formal situations.


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