Thinking Digital talk from last May …

Erin McKean of @Wordnik @ThinkingDigital 2011 from Codeworks Ltd on Vimeo.

I had a great time at this conference — really inspiring! Here's more about it: 

"If you've not heard of The Thinking Digital Conference, it's an annual gathering of creatives, innovators, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and techies. Each May, nearly 700 Thinkers gather over 3 days to explore and celebrate the ideas and innovations that are changing our world."

For the latest info on the Thinking Digital Conference please sign up here:


Thanks Herb!


The (Previous) Week in Dictionary Evangelism

Possibly doesn't count as outright evangelism — perhaps it's merely evangelism-adjacent — but this week's Boston Globe column is on Hulkspeak in Hulktweets.

Thesaurus evangelism: Wordnik launches a new thesaurus, with a really cool word-comparison-shopping feature (dreamed up & implemented by my awesome co-workers, with special props to Kumanan and John).

There's a new ODE out! It includes vuvuzela, only a month after the end of the World Cup! (And only two months after it showed up in Wordnik, as discovered by Language Log commenters.) That must have taken a little bit of last-minute page finagling.