Dictionaries in the funny pages …

Pickles Comic Sept 11 2008

Thanks to Marc for the link!



7 thoughts on “Dictionaries in the funny pages …

  1. I just saw your TED talk. Outstanding! I love watching someone intelligent speak with such energy and dry wit about something they love. I’d offer to buy you a bier, but I’m worried you might think me German or morbid rather than just a polysemic typist. (And don’t you find it interesting that we call Germans German instead of Deutch or Dutch, when in English it means kin-who-aren’t-immediate-family? (brothers/sisters, cousins, germans) no?…*cough*)


  2. After reading down your blog:the semicolonFor all your pleasure in its now-rare usage, did you notice it was unfortunately typeset for fashionistas rather than for readers, than for the users of language? Check out my wikipedia article on French spacing to see another aspect of the written word that we’ve lost in the computer age. (sadly, the entrys been recently hijacked vandalised)neologismsYou might like some of my own humble neologisms:• Hypocracy — government by hypocrites• Obsequiacquiescence — I’m sure however YOU define it is really the correct meaning• Justifiction* — the rewriting of history/editing of memory, in order to justify one’s current position* Call me conceited but I love this one. It just sums up so much of so much human interaction. I’ve been trying to popularise it for several years now: no joy.cheersSalsaltation.blogspot.com


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