iSummit Sapporo talk

I'm in Sapporo, Japan, and I talked at the iSummit yesterday … here's a slidecast of the talk if you would like to hear about the horrible dystopia we'd all be living in if language weren't free.

Yes, that first slide is blank. Do not adjust your set.

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4 thoughts on “iSummit Sapporo talk

  1. Great dystopic vision, Erin! Fairly blew my mind there. Loved that redundant car sign. Reminded me of the new electronic motorway signs I a saw a while back here in the UK: big eye-catching letters announcing “Sign not yet in use”. So worth that split second of car-crashing distraction, I told myself. Made me briefly consider having “Day not yet started” tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  2. Great presentation.Although I have to admit, one month’s wages in exchange for one exclamation point sounded about right!!!!(Oops.)


  3. Though some people do take this whole “language as a commons” thing a little too far. Did you see the plagiarism scam uncovered at


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