Pop!Tech, how I miss you

Last year I was lucky enough to go to Pop!Tech and give an incredibly geeky talk (you can see it here). How geeky was it? Well, it was called "All Your Text Are Belong To Us." (If you don't get the joke, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that You Are Not A Geek.)
Although I wish I were in gorgeous Camden, Maine, listening to the talks in the equally gorgeous Camden Opera House, I can, like a good little blogger, watch the 2007 live webcast at home while sitting on the exercise ball that pretends it's my office chair.
I'm really looking forward to some of the presenters in particular — Nina Jablonski sounds fascinating, and I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Harris already …
If you haven't heard of Pop!Tech — check it out!
[The image is a poster that was drawn during my talk by Peter Durand of Alphachimp.]

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7 thoughts on “Pop!Tech, how I miss you

  1. Do you really use an exercise ball as your office chair? What a fabulous idea. That poster is great. Hope you got to keep it. This is my first visit here; I’m a Dress A Day reader.


  2. I do use an exercise ball as my office chair! I have for years. They’re cheap, comfy, and they make you move during the day … what’s not to love?I didn’t get the poster but it was auctioned for charity, so that’s good. All the wall space in my office is taken up with books anyhow. Welcome here from Dress A Day!


  3. Hi erin, I’ve just watched your TED talk on lexicography and wanted to tell you I loved it. But then I found this was a blog, and it seems I’ll have to add it to my bloglines thing, so now I have two things to say: I loved your talk (which is really odd, you being a lexicographer and me having faced a bad lexicographer in college), and I’m adding you to the thing.That said, I might become a regular visitor here, though I may not be as talkative as now, since I’m not native english speaker and I feel akward about how much I might have missspelled hereup.


  4. I just heard your 2006 PopTech presentation, and I am a little reluctant to admit to myself that I am completely infatuated with your voice, and impressed by what you have to say. *And* you live in The Home Of True Pizza? Damn the cruel fate that keeps us apart! Your husband is a lucky, lucky man.Keep up the good work. :7)


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