A Million in Prizes

In my last post I offered a prize to anyone who left a poem rhyming rynt and pint in the comments, and, since we had four entries, that makes it easy to award first place, second place, and two honorable mentions.
First prize was a copy of More Weird and Wonderful Words (but I didn't mention what the other prizes would be, as I didn't think I'd award any others at that point). But since I hate to pass up a chance to Make Everyone A Winner, I am, and they are, as follows:
Second prize: a schwa t-shirt:

Honorable mention: the latest issue of VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly.
I think GarbageDonkey wins first prize by sheer volume; Jonathan Caws-Elwitt second, and Taylor McKnight and Adjal honorable mentions. Email me your addresses and I'll get them sent off right away.
Congratulations to all the winners! You may now put "Winner, 2007 Dictionary Evangelist Poetry Contest" on your cvs.

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4 thoughts on “A Million in Prizes

  1. Because I have the perception of a fence post, and could not find your email address to DE, I sent it to your dressaday address instead. Thanks for the awesome prize!


  2. Thanks, Erin! Five minutes ago, I didn’t even know there were schwa t-shirts. To learn of their existence and learn that I’ve won one, all at the same time, is overwhelmingly wonderful.


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