What’s a Define-A-Thon, You Ask?

Your question is answered here, and it's (most likely) coming to a bookstore near you.
So if you want to walk away with a prize from the American Heritage Dictionaries (and have the vocabulary-chops to do so) I'd call your favorite local bookstore and ask them to participate sometime during National American Heritage Dictionary Define-a-Thon Week. It has to happen during the official week for you to get a prize … otherwise you'll just get a certificate [PDF] and the joy of winning.
Has anyone participated in one of these yet? I really want to see one. I guess I'd be disqualified from entering, though. 🙂



5 thoughts on “What’s a Define-A-Thon, You Ask?

  1. I have not participated, but I would if I could find out about a local one… (Spoken as someone who really misses being in spelling bees.)


  2. The American Heritage publicist came through … here’s a list!Here is a list of DEFINE-A-THONs in YOUR AREA! If you don’t see one near you – talk to your local bookstore and ask them to have their own DEFINE-A-THON. They can get all the information they need at http://www.defineathon.comLos Angeles, CAVroman’s, September 29St. Louis, MOThe St. Louis Big Read, October 6 at 12 p.m. – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Durham, NCRegulator Books (Durham, NC), October 8New Bremen, OHNew Bremen Coffee Co and Books, October 8Portland, ORBroadway Books, October 9 at 7 p.m.Cambridge, MAPorter Square Books, October 10 – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Manchester Center, VTNorthshire Books, October 10Brooklyn, NYWord Books, October 10Bucksport, MEBookStacks, October 11, 6:30Lake Forest, WAThird Place Books, October 13Ottawa, ILBook Mouse, October 13San Francisco, CABook’s Inc (2251 Chestnut St), October 11 at 7:30 p.m.Minneapolis, MNMagers and Quinn, October 13, 7 p.m.Boston, MABoston Public Library, October 16 – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Salt Lake City, UTGreat Salt Lake Book Festival, October 24 – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Dover, DEDelaware Book Festival, November 3 – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Austin, TXTexas Book Festival, November 4 – with AHD lexicographer Steve Kleinedler!Pittsboro, NCMcIntyre’s Fine Books & Bookends, November 15


  3. I just received a call from Third Place Books about the October 13th event in Lake Forest Park, WA.It’s cancelled. Lack of participants.


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